img_0931What is an Ostomy?

Term ostomy defines an opening in the body, formed after a surgical removal of an entire or

some part of the intestines or bladder, outputted to the anterior abdominal wall, designed to

retract the bowel content or urine. This in particularly is a definition for intestinal and urinary

ostomy. An example of this type of a surgical procedure we will give a definition of colostomy.

Colostomy is a surgery during which part of the colon is outputted through the abdominal wall

and is opened for drainage of the intestine or decreasing the pressure on it. Colostomy results in

a stoma.

Stoma forms as a result of these types of surgical procedures. Stoma is an actual end of the

ureter or small or large bowel that is being seen protruding through the abdominal wall.

There are a number of different types of ostomy depending on the surgical procedure applied.

Therefore, there is also a variety of ostomy care supplies and accessories. You should be sure to

know your type of ostomy, but also note that you are not doomed or obligated to use a certain

pouching system. You are free to choose the pouching system out of a large variety of ostomy

supplies that is of most comfort to you. In order to make the best choice you should consult your

nurse, ostomy specialist of an ostomy care supplier. Our store aims to provide you with a wide

choice of ostomy supplies by presenting a number of the best brands in the sphere of ostomy

care, such as Microskin, Nu-Hope, ConvaTech, Cymed.

Stoma bag is only one asset of a stoma care system, but a very important one as after the

surgery you will have to apply it immediately and use it for a certain period of time or, in some

cases, permanently. After the surgery, your stoma care nurse will help you choose and apply the

stoma bag, but as you go back to you’re your normal life at home you may discover that you

would like to try other types of stoma bags. There is, for example, a choice of one-pat and two-

part stoma bag systems, as well as a variety of sizes of the bag. Also, you should know that

nowadays some manufacturers make a flushable version of stoma bags/pouches, which some

may find a quite comfortable feature. all and on you should know that brands like Microskin,

Nu-Hope, ConvaTech and Cymed care enough to provide quite a few variations of stoma

bags/pouch systems to fit the individual needs of each customer.

As mentioned before, stoma bag is only one asset of a stoma care system. Top brand

manufacturers of stoma care supplies, like Microskin, Nu-Hope, ConvaTech and Cymed also

offer you a wide range of accessories available to help make life as comfortable as possible.

These include support belts, deodorizers, skin protective wipes, lotions and creams, girdles,

adhesive removers, stoma paste, rings, disposal bags, underwear, swimwear etc.

If you are switching to a new pouch system or are in need of some additional accessories for

managing your stoma care, please, feel free to contact our store specialists for an advice and

additional information.